10 of the best directorial debuts of 2022

2022 has been a strong year for movie releases and there are still plenty of great movies that are sure to end the year with a bang, like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And the Glass onions: Unlocking the mystery of the knives. This year also saw a slew of directorial debuts, showcasing new stellar filmmakers and their first major efforts.

With 2022 being the first year of the decade that theaters open year-round, it’s been a great time to get back in the movies, but many filmmakers have seen their first movies on streaming platforms. Arguably, many of these films deserve theatrical releases, but a handful of 2022 directing debuts are still finding their way to the top.

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On the Three Count – Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael has become a pop culture mainstay over the past few years, hosting a few stand-up comedy shows, creating the carmichael show, The Grammy Award-winning album chronicles Igor by Tyler Creator. Last year saw his first major management effort, When counting to three Starring himself and Christopher Abbott.

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While it was technically released in 2021 at the Sundance Film Festival, it debuted on Hulu in May 2022. The film follows two close friends as they reach a turning point in their lives as they wish to spend their last moments with each other by tying loose ends before completing of their agreement. When counting to three He deals with heavy topics, but Carmichael balances humor and emotional undertones very well.

Turning Red – Dum Shi

turns red It was the third consecutive Pixar movie to debut on Disney+ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many fans felt the movie was worthy of a theatrical release. Director Dom Shi’s previous work with Pixar earned her an Academy Award, winning Best Animated Short Film for bao at the 91st Academy Awards. with turns red as such Her first long debut, she gave an honest original story.

turns red It follows Mei Li, a teenage girl who transforms into a red panda whenever she feels emotionally weak. The film addresses the theme of maturity in a way that viewers can relate to, while adding cultural elements that give the Pixar library even more variety. Besides being set in the early 2000s, the nostalgic itch satisfied plenty of references to the time period.

Fresh – Mimi’s Cave

The past few years have seen a small renaissance of rom-coms, which makes perfect sense considering how dating has evolved with the proliferation of technology and dating apps. Mimi Kaif’s long debut, Freshsets itself up as a commentary on the modern dating scene but quickly turns the tune into something unexpected.

.’s viewing experience Fresh It is arguably at its best if the viewer goes into the movie knowing as little as possible. Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan lead the way, as the film is backed by a great soundtrack and solid camera action. Fresh He pulls items from a range of genres but knows what he wants to be, centered on an impressive cast of characters.

Villains – Pierre Perville

the wicked It is one of the most stunning animation films in terms of overall appearance, honoring and being inspired by other excellent animation characteristics such as Spider-Man inside the spider world And the Lupine III. Animator Pierre Pérevel directed the film and in his first directorial effort, he gave audiences a clever heist film.

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Based on children’s books of the same name, the wicked It is one of the newest DreamWorks Animation add-ons and arguably one of the best. The voice cast does a great job of embodying each character and the development they receive throughout the film.

Bob Burger – Lauren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman

Bob Burger Establishing itself as one of the best and longest running animated comedy series of all time, 2022 saw the series have a theatrically released movie. The movie was directed by series creator Lauren Bouchard and series director Bernard Derriman, so the characters were handled very carefully in their first big screen appearances.

The movie is something fans of the series will surely enjoy, but it provides plenty of background for viewers meeting the Belcher family for the first time. Bob Burgers movie Full of catchy songs and musical numbers, along with an interesting puzzle, Bob Burgers movie It captures a whole range of emotions, just as the series has done over the past decade.

Honor Society – Oran Zagman

As Paramount+’s library continues to expand, it has also brought exclusive streaming movies. This includes Oran Zagman community safetyStarring Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo. The movie may have flown a bit under the radar, but it’s a funny coming-of-age story about the lengths a person would go to ensure their success after high school.

The film ranks itself as a mystery of sorts, as viewers witness the cut-off in where Honor Rose’s plan is for admission to Harvard as she uses her classmates along the way. Although the plot is rather simple, the story has a great rhythm, which sets itself up for an abrupt ending that viewers may not expect in the first hour.

Revenge – BJ Novak

BJ Novak is best known for his role as Ryan Howard the desk While continuing to act after the series ended in 2013, he found himself doing a lot of work behind the scenes of various projects, including his directorial debut. Revengewhere he also served as a writer and lead actor.

Revenge It’s a mystery comedy full of recognizable faces, paired with solid writing that uses an exotic, suspenseful atmosphere. After a podcaster travels to Texas to investigate the death of a previous relationship, Novak’s Ben Manalowitz now has to navigate the woman’s family believing they are in an affair.

Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. – Adama Ibo

The practice of advertising films in a way that does not tell us much about the film but appears enough to capture the audience’s attention is something that has been prevalent over the past few years. Honk for Jesus It is a movie that is advertised as a full-blown comedy but when you watch it, it is a comedy-drama that mocks and ridicules a realistic religious scandal.

In Adamma Ebo’s directorial debut, she incorporated themes of greed, cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy, and more, told in part in a satirical format. The movie may resonate with certain audiences more than others, but it’s only worth checking out based on the stellar performances of Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown.

Smile – Parker Finn

The horror genre had a great year in 2022, with smiling being one of the most prominent. On its way to becoming the highest-grossing horror film of the year, Parker Finn’s first film was one of the best marketing campaigns for a horror movie in recent memory, as actors hid frightful smiles in the background of major televised events as social media users pointed them out.

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The film prioritizes solid filmmaking as much as presenting jump scares, while Sosie Bacon delivers an exceptional performance as the protagonist, Dr. Rose Carter. Critics and fans alike hailed the film as one of the year’s best atrocities, praising how elements of psychological thriller are coupled with tackling mental health issues.

The Werewolf by Night – Michael Giacchino

As the first Marvel Studios special on Disney+, the hype was for werewolf at night It was through the roof. It serves as Michael Giacchino’s directorial debut, and also adds to his extensive film score discography as he penned the music behind Jack Russell’s debut in the MCU.

Giacchino has proven himself to be more than a capable filmmaker, as his tribute to classic monster films was something new on the recent list of MCU releases. The project was shot in black and white which allowed the project to push the boundaries of violence in the MCU and given the monster-studded cast of characters, werewolf at night It’s a great watch.

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