10 Marvel characters and teams that should star in a special MCU presentation

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Proving that the Guardians aren’t just a group of galactic heroes, they’re a family that exists, as they share a festive story about how important they are to one another. It’s the second special from Marvel, coming shortly after Werewolf by night Just a month ago, and while there’s no official confirmation that other shows are in development, fans are craving more.

While the two have so far been specials centered around the holidays – and there are other characters and stories that could continue in that direction – these specials need not be bound by such tropes. There are several great candidates who deserve their own presentation, both for their inherent potential in innovative storytelling and/or for the role they could play in the future of the MCU.

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Silver Surfer

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special The team returns to Earth where Drax and Mantis search for the perfect Christmas present for Peter – starring Kevin Bacon. The vast universe of the MCU is ripe with the potential for a space-faring special, and there’s no better choice for a hero than Silver Surfer. He’s one of the most important and popular cosmic heroes, and fans are counting down the days until his arrival in the MCU.

The Silver Surfer is a great candidate for a special as his first intro because he can provide a brief, detailed download of his origins before he became Galactus’ lead. This would eventually evolve into a larger role as the planet-eating entity also makes its way into the MCU.

Monster Corps

Legion of monsters in comics

build what Werewolf by night Created Man-Thing and/or Elsa Bloodstone both deserve their own installments, but eventually there has to be one for the Legion of Monsters. This could be the culmination of many Halloween specials and the incorporation of other monsters like Manphibian, N’Kantu the Living Mummy, and Vampire by Night.

It’s possible that Werewolf, Elsa, and the Man-Thing will also end up in the MCU’s Midnight Sons if that happens as many fans expect. However, they should not miss the opportunity to use the Beast Corps.

Strange Academy

Weird Academy Finals #1 Featured cover photo of Emily Bright Variant

Another good option for a special Halloween – which can include more modern horror movie elements – is Strange Academy. This is the story in which Doctor Strange established his own school of magic as Hogwarts with other notable superheroes such as Scarlet Witch and Nico Minoru serving as teachers. However, in the MCU, due to his rise in popularity and promotion to Sorcerer Supreme, it should be called Wong Academy.

This can be revived after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness With America Chavez starting training in Kamer-Taj, she could incorporate other students like Zelma Stanton, Kid Loki and Doyle Dormammu.

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck at the Collectors Workshop in Guardians of the Galaxy

If they’re looking for an unexpected character to title a special in the MCU, Marvel need look no further than anthropomorphic PI, Howard the Duck. It has already been submitted in Guardians of the Galaxy – among the collector’s treasures – then reappeared in What if…?Marry Darcy. As such, audiences are primed to see Howard do what he does best.

It can serve as a crime when he’s investigating a crime, whether serious or foolish, allowing something personal, so the audience can really get to know Howard the Duck. They could even make it animated, playing with the noir aesthetic differently Werewolf by night It was.

Ka visited

Ka-Zar jumps forward and shoots from his bow in the Marvel comics

Unexpectedly, while Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Put story tales to triples and up LightningIt also laid the groundwork for the introduction of Ka-Zar of the Savage Land. The world’s governments are desperate for Vibranium and in the comics, besides Wakanda, the next best place to get some is the Savage Land, an ancient nature reserve hidden in Antarctica – which was also a tease in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Specific to Ka-Zar would be something very different from anything else in the MCU so far and it could be the right format to delve into the hero and the Savage Land – giving them focus, so merging them later on somewhere else isn’t jarring. Ka-Zar won’t be alone because he’ll also be joined by his trusted feline companion, Zabu, and other characters like Shanna and Sauron.


Tigra jumps into battle from Marvel Comics

The MCU is already full of superheroes, but there are still some long-lost Avengers out there, including Tigra. If there’s a chance, she’s a hero who deserves to be introduced sooner rather than later. Moreover, whether it is a prequel to it or a follow-up to it, Tigra also deserves its own presentation.

Special Tigra will delve into her background, exploring her transformation from the street-level crime fighter known as the Cat to the mysterious hero of the Cat People, Tigra. Perhaps they want to connect these origins with the creation of werewolves and other demonic beings, and connect them to dark magic like the Darkhold. She can then continue to work with characters like Wonder Man and Hawkeye as she does in the comics.

Rawhide baby

A faux leather baby from Marvel comics

Many fans are eager to explore more of the MCU’s movie and TV genres as seen in Werewolf by night. A popular choice is to do a classic Western, and luckily Marvel has some good characters to helm such a project, like Kid Colt, Arizona Annie, and Red Wolf. However, the better option is really Rawhide Kid – although they could make an adaptation of Sensational Seven by combining them all.

The Rawhide Kid could entirely take place in the Old West, remaining an isolated story, but there is a possibility that he and other western characters could be transported through time to the present – fittingly in Avengers: Secret Wars. Most importantly, the Rawhide Kid is openly gay and his inclusion in the MCU means a lot to many viewers, and could correct his aggressive stereotype throughout the comics.

Squirrel girl

Squirrel Girl has also appeared in Marvel Comics

Fans have been biding their time, waiting for Squirrel Girl to finally make it to the MCU. She is a popular but often misunderstood character, and would benefit from the special presentation format as her introduction. Squirrel Girl is a very powerful hero, having defeated even Thanos, yet many have called her weird simply because she is a squirrel-based hero.

However, if given the chance, her outrageous and inspiring personality could certainly win the hearts of MCU fans. This could also include the Great Lakes Avengers, the offshoot of the Avengers that she’s joined with characters like Big Bertha, Flatman and Mister Immortal, as played by David Pasquesi in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Brother voodoo

Brother Voodoo in Marvel Comics

By now, fans are familiar with the magical design of characters like Doctor Strange, Wong, and the Scarlet Witch. There’s still a mighty supernatural hero waiting to be introduced who has a variety of magic – Jericho Drumm AKA Brother Voodoo. He already has a link to the MCU as his brother, Daniel Drumm, has appeared in Dr. Strange.

Daniel’s death at the hands of Kaecilius is exactly what Jericho needs to join the MCU, as this is what sets him on his journey to learn voodoo magic in the comics. This story is a great choice for a special presentation, as it shows alternate forms and uses of magic. Then he could have an ongoing role in projects like Doctor Strange 3 wow Scarlet Witch.

Alpha flight

Alpha Flight in the X-Men comic

Besides the Legion of Monsters, there’s another team that could be a perfect fit for a special – Alpha Flight. They are the Canadian equivalent of the Avengers. However, interestingly, they could act like the Thunderbolts set in the MCU – working for their government. It’s also tied into Wolverine’s origins, and since he finally made his way to the MCU in Deadpool 3there is a larger feature to be included in the future.

Alpha Flight consists of some interesting heroes – Guardian, Captain America’s Canadian composite; Northstar & Aurora, the twin mutants; Sasquatch, a gamma mutant as the Hulk; Shaman is a magician. Snowbird, a demigod. Marrina, an amphibious alien. And your dwarf. If it weren’t for a special presentation, Alpha Flight would also be worthy of its own Disney+ series.

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