10 Horror Movie Villains They Felt Bad For

From the reluctant wolf man in Werewolf by night For elderly sexually frustrated killers in X To the Sky Beast Exploiter no For the mother who just wants to take care of her child barbaric, 2022 has been a great year for sympathetic horror movie villains. The best villains have a redeeming quality that audiences can hold onto to feel.

From prom queen avengers in curry into a half-human half-fly hybrid The fly to the driver of the vehicle in which it is occupied ChristineThere are plenty of horror movie villains that Redditors have sympathized with.

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10/10 Arnie Cunningham (Kristen)

Show me behind the wheel of Christine's

One of Stephen King’s most underrated adaptations, Christine It tells the story of a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury who corrupts whatever motive behind it. Mild-mannered geek Arnie Cunningham gradually turns into a reprehensible monster after fixing the car.

According to Redditor u/GetJiggy41, “He was a cool kid at the start of the movie, but honestly, there was pretty much no going back for him by the end of the movie.”

9/10 Kong (King Kong)

Kong attacks a plane in King Kong

Although it was shot as a classic monster movie, King Kong character His audience wants to sympathize with the monster more than the people he terrorizes. Like everyone else, Kong just wants to be loved (especially by blonde movie star Anne Darrow).

When Kong is killed at the end of the movie, it’s not a victory. It’s a tragedy. Redditor u/salty_seance wrote, “I was so young when I saw this and cried for days.”

8/10 Carrie White (Carrie)

Carrie White at Carrie's Prom

Brian De Palma used Hitchcockian suspense-building techniques and boundary-pushing to transform Stephen King’s first novel curry In one of the greatest horror movies ever. The titular Carrie White is a teleported teen pushed to the brink by schoolyard bullies and her religious fanatic mother.

According to Redditor u/Dry_Mastodon7574, despite her climactic, blood-soaked carnage, Carrie is one of horror’s most sympathetic villains: “The poor kid never gets a chance.”

7/10 Count Dracula (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

Gary Oldman as Dracula in the Street

In addition to his sumptuous Gothic visuals, Francis Ford Coppola took an unusually honest approach to the eponymous vampire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Redditor u/Fwithananchor wrote that Coppola’s adaptation “means that for all he’s done, it was love that liberated [Count Dracula] Curse of death.”

Adds The Redditor, “They portray Dracula sympathetically in this movie, as he only became evil after the church told him his wife was in hell for committing suicide. He was understandably grieving and upset, and his wife’s death put him on a downward spiral that wasn’t resolved until centuries later at the end of the film “.

6/10 Sea Parish (1 hour photo)

Robin Williams with a camera in one hour photo

Robin Williams played against type with his chilling portrayal of psychotic photo-developer Cy Parrish in this psychological thriller gem image for an hour. According to Redditor u/theScrewhead, this is “one of Robin Williams’ best performances ever.”

The Redditor wrote that although Williams did an “incredible job” playing a dangerously obsessive loner, “you can’t help but feel incredibly bad and sad for him.”

5/10 Evil Ed (Fright Night)

Evil Ed smiles with fangs in the night of terror

Roddy McDowell gave one of his best performances Terrifying night as Peter Vincent, a former on-screen vampire hunter and host of the titular show-within-the-show. In the film, he fights Edward “Evil Ed” Thompson, played by Stephen Jeffries. When his evil plan comes together, Evil Ed is knocked out by Peter using a broken table leg as a stake.

According to Redditor u/MrJackBurtonGuster, Evil Ed is “a piece of s*** who wants to be a monster, but when it doesn’t work out and he’s pathetic, you feel sorry for him. Roddy McDowall really sells this scene. His reaction is our reaction” .

4/10 David Kessler (An American Werewolf in London)

David turned up at A American Werewolf in London

John Landis has struck the perfect balance between the intense terror of a horror movie and the hilarious fun of comedy in his horror comedy masterpiece An American werewolf in London. After David Kessler becomes infected, he ignores the pleas of his undead friend Jack until it is too late.

Redditor u/Enough-Eagle-1167 wrote, “David had no idea what happened to him and couldn’t control his murderous impulses. The ending always makes me so sad.”

3/10 Stu Matcher (shouting)

Stu with a gun in Yelp

Wes Craven brought the murder angle to the traditional slasher formula in his horror classic Scream. After the audience spends the entire movie trying to figure out the murderous character, they learn that there really are two killers: Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, each providing the other with an alibi.

While Billy is an outright psychopath, Redditor u/ebolakitten felt bad for Stu: “When he says his parents would be so mad at him, I feel sorry for him for a microsecond.”

2/10 Brundlefly (fly)

Seth Brundle is in the midst of his transformation in The Fly

Classic body horror by David Cronenberg The fly It stars Jeff Goldblum as a scientist whose experiments with teleportation fuse his DNA with a housefly. It is substantial Frankenstein A story about the downside of playing God.

As Dr. Seth Brundle was transformed into a half-human half-housefly hybrid, Redditor u/IllLiterature7564 couldn’t help but feel for the man.

1/10 mother (barbarian)

Mother kills AJ in Barbari

Upon its release a few weeks ago, barbaric It was immediately hailed as one of the greatest horror films of the year. It starts out as two spooky parties about a double-booked Airbnb property, but turns into something else entirely when the two residents discover a network of tunnels under the house.

Redditor u/catnippedx felt bad for the movie’s monster, known only as the mother: “What a ***** life is…live your whole life in dark tunnels and then eventually want to take care of a baby. Then get killed by ‘your baby’.” Just sad “.

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