10 Forgotten Villains Too Dangerous For The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has spawned some of the most successful and memorable superhero movies in history. The studio has pioneered iconic storytelling techniques with cutting-edge special effects to create addictive and boring movies using some of the less likely heroes and villains on the roster.

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MCU succeeds in many ways because it knows how to attract consumers by making use of source material relevant to popular culture. Despite the ability to craft compelling stories, there are still more than a handful of characters that, for a plethora of reasons, could be considered simply too dangerous or unsuitable to be portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10/10 Overdrive is a fantastic villain with little depth

Double vs Spider-Man

Overdrive is the villainous Spider-Man who has the power to turn any car, truck, truck or motorcycle into a high speed escape vehicle by using the nano in his body. He doesn’t have a very complicated background besides being infested with nanites and his biggest weakness which always ends up being defeated is his horror of Spider-Man.

Overdrive would act as a Marvel animation villain since those movies are usually more awesome and comedic in spirit, but using him as a villain in the MCU would be dangerous as it could spoil the studio’s successful series of villains and decent storytelling.

9/10 Boomerang’s Backstory is very similar to Bullseye’s

Silver Age Boomerang from Marvel Comics

Boomerang is a former professional baseball player who turns to a life of crime after falling on hard times. He works as a contract criminal for hire using his exact target and since then he has become a major enemy of Spider-Man. Although Boomerang is usually scripted for more serious Spider-Man stories, he comes across in a comedic fashion due to his outfit featuring a boomerang-style mask and because he’s not as successful as a criminal like Bullseye.

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Marvel TV has already appeared in Bullseye in the third season of Netflix recklessSo introducing Boomerang will only confuse regular Marvel movie viewers with not knowing the source material. If that wasn’t dangerous enough for the MCU, one has to consider that Marvel would look like it stole from DC, with Captain Boomerang appearing in both suicide squad Movies.

8/10 Madame Masque’s malicious MCU introduction chance has passed

Madame Mask from Marvel Comics

Madame Masque is one of the most successful female killers in the Marvel universe. Her alternate character Whitney Frost was introduced in the TV series Agent Carter But she did not wear her golden mask, and it was not determined whether she was the daughter of Count Navaria.

Madame Masque is basically an Iron Man villain so getting her into the MCU would be dangerous at this point because his story is basically over. The MCU could recreate its story in Wonder Man or future Avengers films by making it distantly related to the version that appeared in Agent Carter However, two chances for this have already been missed in both hook Series and the latest Dr. Gharib Movie.

7/10 New York Xorn genocide is a sensitive topic

Xorn staring hard, from Grant Morrison' New X-Men in Marvel Comics

Xorn is one of the most controversial Marvel villains that first appeared in New X-Men Annual 2001 #1 Written by Grant Morrison, Frank Quietley, Ethan Van Sciver, Mark Silvestri, and Phil Jimenez. In this issue, it was revealed that Xorn was actually a Magneto who disguised himself in order to infiltrate the X-Men.

He ended up killing Jane Gray by having a stroke after sending an electromagnetic explosion to her brain. The most controversial part of the story, however, revolves around Xorn’s genocide of thousands of innocent New Yorkers. With the terrorist nature of the source material, it’s a safe bet that the MCU won’t attempt to retell this story on the silver screen.

6/10 The White Rabbit is racy for the MCU

The plots of the White Rabbit against Wolverine and the Black Cat in Marvel Comics

The idea of ​​sexualizing characters in comic books is not a foreign claim. There has been much concern about bringing certain comic book characters to life on the silver screen in a way that parents and moviegoers consider non-offensive. White Rabbit is a Spider-Man villain who got into a life of crime out of boredom of being a memorial wife after killing her elderly husband during an intimate act.

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Her vile personality is a direct result of her obsession with her Alice in Wonderland literary works. She is also known for her Playboy-style bunny costume which could prove to be a problem for the MCU if they were looking to maintain the family friendly vibe.

5/10 Paste pot house is too ridiculous to be replaced

Paste Pot Pete shoots an officer

Paste Pot Pete is technically one of the most important criminal minds in the Marvel Universe, however, his name and weapon of choice have been a constant comedic relief since his inception. He is also known as the Trapster and has been an enemy of both Spider-Man and Reed Richards for some time.

Paste Pot Pete uses a supercharged glue gun with sticky traps to render opponents powerless. The MCU is notorious for making the heroes and villains of the B-List relatable, but it would be dangerous and hard to sell trying to put this villain in the MCU.

4/10 Stryfe’s Backstory is too complicated for the MCU

Stryfe smiling with Mister Sinister and Apocalypse at Marvel Comics

Stryfe is one of the most terrible X-Men villains for his role in the ’90s What if? A story where Wolverine kills and nearly defeats the Mutant Team. Stryfe is best known for being a cable clone with time travel, teleportation and technopath capabilities.

He is known for his many partnerships with both Apocalypse and Mister Sinister and can easily cross into the MCU, however, his origin story and general background is very complex and difficult even for comic readers to follow. It would be dangerous to introduce it to the MCU without creating a new, more coherent backend.

3/10 Sir Jim Jaspers is too political for the MCU

Sir Jim Jaspers is going crazy

Sir Jim Jaspers is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom known for his anti-human political stance. Jaspers is considered one of the most powerful enemies in the Marvel universe due to his ability to distort reality as well as his genius, yet he is often forgotten.

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He is basically a villain from Captain Britain but has fought many solo American superheroes as well as superhero teams like the X-Men. Jaspers would be a tough villain to introduce in the MCU because his story is steeped in politics. In today’s politically charged climate, it can be dangerous for Marvel to engage with his character as most moviegoers seek an escape from the realities of our current world.

2/10 Anger is simply a very bloody villain

Villain Rage Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe was recently introduced to its horror segment with the premiere of werewolf at night And the moon knight on Disney+. with file code Movie on the road with the hum of a Midnight Sons A project in progress, it’s safe to say that the horror genre isn’t entirely off the table for Marvel’s foreseeable future.

The Fury is arguably one of Marvel’s most underappreciated villains. Her gritty and complex narration of stories takes her readers back to the golden age of slasher films in the 1980s. Although Marvel has shown an interest in the horror genre, there are still aspects of it that don’t quite fit into the current MCU model.

1/10 Slaymaster’s violent tendencies are very problematic

The killer violently attacks a person

The Slaymaster is one of the deadliest foes in the Marvel Universe for his mutant hunting abilities. His skillful precision in taking lives has given him a financially affluent life as a successful mercenary and an opponent of both Captain Britain and the X-Men.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t lacking in killers and effective killers, Slaymaster can be both dangerous and problematic for the MCU, due to his Muslim background, which fuels his hatred of the British monarchy. Many may find this particular element in the character’s backstory to be stereotypical and offensive as well as portraying a false narrative about religion.

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