10 Best Comic Book Podcasts

DC and Marvel continue to dominate the box office, with the DCU taking over Black Adam And the MCU’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Dominate the comic book movie conversation this fall. Other iconic comics like hypnotist And the Umbrella Academy strong on Netflix, further proving how comics continue to be a trend even for audiences who no longer read comics.

For those who still do, the podcast offers unique and diverse perspectives on the world of comics. Some host celebrity comics authors, some dive into the deep and complex beliefs of superhero universes, and others feature mental health experts who psychologically analyze comic book heroes and villains.

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bitches on comics

It’s an old stereotype to assume that comics are only for boys. After years of hyper-masculine heroes and over-sexed heroines, sexist attitudes have shifted, and broadcasts such as bitches on comics represents this change.

The bitches on comics The website says, “We’re creating a podcast to make comics more welcoming and approachable, especially for LGBTQ readers and female readers.” Focusing on diverse and recent storylines, diverse creators from across demographics, and LGBTQ+ superheroes in comics, the podcast provides interesting food for thought in fortnightly interviews with notable women and LGBTQ creators who have worked on titles like Green Lantern, Doom Patrol, Life on Earth Trilogy, Marvel America And much more.

CaricaturePodcast artwork for Comicsverse

Caricature is the most definitive comic podcast given the in-depth research and detail the team can go into. Aside from the usual ration of interviews with artists and writers and reviews of the latest titles, What Defines Caricature Aside from its focus on comic book theory.

The podcast goes far beyond the usual geeky fanbase and even analyzes comic book elements in academic terms, elevating comic books to the high art status they deserve. It may not sound like the latest podcast, but for listeners who want a deeper look at the art of comics and the method behind it, it’s here. Caricature It should be on their priority list.

Jay & Miles X Easy The X-MenJay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast artwork

From the classic running of Chris Claremont to the modern arcs of hundreds of writers like Joss Whedon X-Men Storylines have emerged over the past 60 years. With so many characters and so many alternate timelines, learning science is a huge undertaking.

This podcast’s titular duo Jay Eden and Miles Stokes break up X-Men titles in their reviews, complete with their individual analyzes on the most famous and obscure X-Men Personalities. Loyal fans will be nostalgic about the hosts’ obsession with the team. For newly converted fans, Jay & Miles X Easy The X-Men Makes it necessary to listen.

Serious issuesPodcast artwork for serious issues

what makes Serious issues One of the most interactive comic book podcasts is the absolute relativity and feel-good nature teased by its hosts, Andrew Levins and Siobhan Combs. The duo started Serious issues As a free-flowing comic book review podcast, and over the course of episodes, it’s grown into a more engaging conversation space for guests and fellow geeks.

Due to the uncensored and primitive nature of the episodes, hosts and guests can come off blunt while passionately backing up their opinions, which makes the podcast sound more authentic. Topics can range from hosts defending Hawkeye or highlighting underground comic bookers.

Fatman BeyondFatman Beyond podcast logo

Kevin Smith has donned many hats, showing off his quirky brand of humor as a director, actor, comedian, and of course, a comic book writer. An avid Batman fan (he’s also authored a few Batman stories himself), Smith’s podcast Fatman Beyond (formerly known as Fatman on Batman) shows his appreciation for the Dark Knight from the title itself.

The first few episodes delved into the creative process beyond episodes Batman: The Animated Series Smith has consistently defended Kevin Conroy’s voice performance as the best of the character. The loosely structured interviews are candid, unexpectedly insightful, and a perfect fit for Batman fans, as Smith and co-host Mark Bernardin delve into the intricate details behind the aforementioned animated series, Batman movies, and comics.

Comic book couples counselingArtwork podcast for comic book couples counseling

Brad and Lisa are no ordinary couple. They make a team: a pair of comic book geeks. So it’s only fitting for the lovebirds to discuss and discuss comic book relationships throughout publishing history and pop culture.

They explore the different dynamics of popular and even lesser-known comic book pairs from many titles across publishing houses. in a soft tone, Comic book couples counseling It can make for a quick listen for those who aren’t in the mood for something too introspective. At the same time, they’re also going over relationships which includes some great celebrity interviews like a recent conversation with composer Michael Giacchino on his latest Marvel special. Werewolf by night Or writer Dan Jurgens looking back at the legacy of his greatest work Superman death.

comrades wi comicsPodcast artwork by Comadres Y Comics

A customer once asked comic book retailer Christine Barra if she had any titles focused on Latin characters. This made Kristen think about how rarely Latin Americans are represented in the comic book world that even independent titles don’t have much to offer.

That led her to team up with her friends, lit up Jennifer Lopez and podcast host Sarah Bazin Comrades y comics, a podcast that facilitates open discussions about the representation of Latinxes in popular culture in general and comics in particular. According to the podcast’s website, its ultimate goal is to “highlight the role Latinos play in the comic book industry not just as creators but as consumers and fans.” For listeners looking to learn about new trends within female and Latino characters in comics, comrades wi comics Definitely worth a listen.

heads on the couchPodcast headers logo on the couch

Be it a hero or a villain, comic book characters carry so much emotional baggage that some have even been diagnosed with legitimate mental health issues. Trying a psychological look at these comic book icons, heads on the couch Offers an interesting twist to fan-favorite characters.

To ensure such sensitive analysis comes from an expert, the hosting committee includes a board-certified stand-up comedian and psychiatrist. Together, they unite for an unconventional option that should be on listeners’ bucket lists if they want to immerse themselves in a deeper comic book podcast. As expected, other mental health advocates and psychiatrists also make guest appearances aside from the comic book pros.

First Issue ClubPodcast artwork for the First Issues Club podcast

If a comic book reading club could turn into a podcast, it would be named after it First Issue Club. very useful podcast, First Issue Club It finds its members talking about the week’s latest comics including the likes of number one sellers as well as under-the-radar independent titles.

There are no restrictions on genres or writers with First Issue ClubThe library’s library is getting wider with each passing episode. The calm nature of the hosts’ voiceovers is an added bonus to making it such a simple and well thought out podcast.

marvel women


Highlighting storytellers, fans, and industry experts, Marvel Women is an essential podcast for understanding the changing gender dynamics and politics within modern patterns of comic consumption.

An original production from Marvel Entertainment, the podcast takes an insight into how some of the most iconic superheroes like She-Hulk and Captain Marvel have progressed over the years. Modern Marvel heroines like Kamala Khan and America Chavez also appeared in talks hosted by Marvel exec Ellie Pyle, journalist and attorney Angelique Roché, and producer and author Judy Stephens. Guests range from female comic book writers to playwrights and even game designers and comic book historians.

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